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Blueberry Dumplings (vareniki)

Updated: Feb 3, 2019

For me, blueberry dumplings bring back so many childhood memories. The moments when I was trying to help my mom, but ended up eating most of the blueberries 😂. These memories will stay with me forever. My favorite thing about these dumplings is that the dough is thin, which makes the dumplings cook within minutes. Make a meal that anyone can enjoy!

Prep Time: 1 hour & 10 minutes Cook time: 5 minutes


For dough:

  • 1/2 cup water

  • 1/2 cup warm milk

  • 1 Tbsp granulated sugar

  • 1 tsp salt

  • 1 Tbsp vegetable oil

  • 2 1/2 cups all purpose flour, sifted

  • 2 Tbsp butter (for finished dumplings)

For blueberry filling:

  • 1 Lb blueberries

  • 1 cup granulated sugar


  1. In a medium size bowl whisk together 1/2 cup water, 1/2 cup warm milk, 1 Tbsp granulated sugar, and 1 tsp salt.

  2. Add in 2 1/2 cups of sifted flour and knead for 30 seconds. Add in 1 Tbsp of vegetable oil and continue kneading the dough until the flour is well incorporated. (The oil makes the dough silky so it was easier to knead.)

  3. Sprinkle some flour onto your clean work space. Divide your dough in half.

  4. Roll out your first half of dough for 30 seconds. keep flipping the dough over and roll on both sides, until you get a nice big thin circle of dough. Using a cookie cutter or a glass cup, cut the dough into circles. (If there are any leftover scarps, put them back into your bowl.) Repeat with second half of the dough.

  5. Place the dough into your palm and in the center add 1/2 tsp of sugar and 3-4 blueberries. Bring the edges together to form a taco and pinch tightly with your thumb and pointer finger creating a seal. Flip to the back and pinch tightly making sure you didn’t leave a hole in the dough. Once finished transfer your dumplings onto a floured tray.

  6. Bring a large pot of water to a boil. Add 1/2 Tbsp of salt.

  7. Place your dumplings into the boiling water carefully, one at a time. Wait until most of the dumplings rise to the top (5 minutes) and scoop them out into a bowl. Add 2 Tbsp of butter and mix slowly.

  8. To serve, sprinkle some sugar onto the dumplings, add some sour cream and enjoy these delicious blueberry dumplings!

**Pssst... To open a printer friendly PDF version click here. Enjoy :)


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